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Reworks Festival (Greece) OK

Reworks Festival 2017 lineup

Reworks Festival (Greece) OK

Once again, in sunny Thessaloniki, Greece – the complete audio-visual Reworks Festival will be held. The annual festival is driven by the local Thessaloniki NON Collective. Their ideas and prosperities have cemented Reworks Festival on the map of electronic music festivals in Europe and the world since 2005. The main purpose of Reworks Festival is the enhancement of the unbreakable relationship between music and contemporary art. The festival offers a stable platform to host, promote and showcase artists from both the domestic Greek scene and the international scenes, to demonstrate new ideas and trends in music.


Rework Festival 2017 is set for another edition of wide range contemporary music featuring Adriatique, Ben Klock, Bicep, Dixon, Hauschka, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Paul Kalkbrenner, Recondite, Solomun, Tijana T and many more.

“Reworks is a collection of sounds and ideas, a meeting point for loud voices, a place for dialogue and information, a window to the future. It aims to present the wide spectrum of contemporary music through the work of international and domestic artists. From experimental sound and modern classical music to contemporary dance electronic, from the performances of established artists to the first shows of new and emerging talents, Reworks is aiming to give 5 days and nights full of joy, music, opinion sharing, thinking and dance. Musical styles, live concerts, workshops, talks, free events are presented every year, transforming Thessaloniki into a meeting place for music and culture enthusiasts from all over the world to Greece.”

More than 1000 artists, in over 12 editions, have pushed their absolute best of their performances to assure that Reworks would be special! Today, after long pleasant reminiscing, armed with the delight, the crew is happy to announce that the first 12 editions of Reworks met their high expectations. This year, Reworks is presenting again whatever fresh, new artists that marked 2016 and 2017 with their works, of course while paying tribute to music legends that influenced electronic music like no other. All in iconic, most promising DJ Hellenic live acts. A broad electronic music platform will preview the latest of Techno, house, Modern Classical, abstract/experimental, ambient, disco, indie, IDM, electronica through live performances and DJ sessions accompanied with various installations, exhibitions and visual works of art.

From this year Reworks Festival will include the FIX complex to its musical venues. The exact date when the venue will be part of the festival’s program is Saturday, September the 16th.

The industrial complex of FIX brewing company in Thessaloniki was built in 1892 and exemplifies the industrial architecture of the 19th century. It is placed in the old industrial zone of the city and the total facilities are extended to 25 acres. The increased capacity venue is quite anticipated by the festival’s attendees, since Reworks success meant it outgrew its two major venues Mylos Complex and Block 33.

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Reworks Festival offers a broad variety of ticketing options, ranging from full week access to all events + camping, to a ticket only for all events.


Reworks has partnered up with Feticket and is offering a combo ticket + hotel, or if you have already purchased your ticket you can also search only for hotel packages.

How to get to Reworks Festival

Getting to Thessaloniki, Greece is easy with most European and global airlines flying directly. Search and book your flight to Reworks festival below.

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Written By: Philip Panov

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