Joseph Capriati launches his own label REDIMENSION

Joseph Capriati

Joseph Capriati is launching his own label REDIMENSION. The start of the new label will be set with the release of ‘Redimension001’. The record features Joseph and his long time partner behind the decks and Drumcode boss Adam Beyer. The ep has been produced at Beyer’s studio in his native city Stockholm, Sweden. You can buy the record on vinyl or digitally from 20th of June. The record is made up of A-side ‘Parallel’ and B-side ‘External Links’. Stay tuned to find out, what Joseph Capriati has prepared for the fans of Dance Music. Regarding the artwork for the EP, according to the press release “the artwork is part of a tryptich that explores the dynamism of the movement of horses.”.


Source / Mixmag